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Born in the United States, Professor William Nelson who now resides in Budapest, Hungary, is a world renowned scientist, international lecturer, a respected writer and the inventor of the EPFX / QX. To some people, he is an overnight success but the EPFX / QX came about after 20 years of research and dedication.
The scientific theories behind this device are contained in the 1250 pages of the PROMORPHEUS, written in 1982. The QXCI device has had over 300 research articles written on it, many published in peer reviewed medical journals. The QXCI device has been taught in medical schools since 1995. So the history behind this exciting technology is massive. It is not experimental anymore. His areas of professional expertise include:
Quantum biology
Energetic medicine
Alternative medicine
The following is a brief chronological history of some of Professor Nelson's achievements: 1969Professor Nelson works on the Apollo project where he learns the value of:
Electronics and tri-vector shape theories of topology.
The Gyro Navigation system teaches him about the multiple vectors of shape.
His work on Apollo 13 is essential in helping the astronauts re-set the navigation system for re-entry.
Professor Nelson's psychic research and quantum sub-space theory leads to international acclaim.
In Youngstown, Ohio the first studies of reactivity show the power of the volts and amperage of the body reactivity and how inaccurate skin resistance measurements are.
Professor Nelson teaches mathematics and the value of statistics, Fourier analysis and vector calculus.
Professor Nelson learns the value of energetic medicine.
Medication testing as reactivity.
Energy flow as potential.
Fractal complex systems.
Voltage, amperage, resonant frequencies, capacitance, inductance and reactance are far superior values for energetic medicine.
Biological speeds of reactivity is closer to 100'th of a second.
Professor Nelson develops the first Tri-vector system for diagnosis.
Assembles the Tri-vector analysis on 1,000's of homeopathics.
Measures the resonant frequencies of the acupuncture points.
Develops the Fourier analysis algorithms for reactivity.
Begins to put together the puzzle of a tri-vector cybernetic link
Professor Nelson gets the EPFX system registered with the U.S.A. FDA as a biofeedback unit without therapy.
The U.S.A. FDA informs Professor Nelson that they have limits on future registration.
You can register a device to detect the abnormalities of the body electric and to treat the body electric.
But you can not register a device that can detect electric abnormalities and then correct them at biological speeds.
To further his dream, Professor Nelson moves to Hungary. Here he works with Gabor Lednyinsky but only shares part of his research…..
Professor Nelson's dream comes true:
He solves the vector problem and therefore devises a device without the analogue to digital conversion.
This results in a cheaper device with far more accuracy than conventional analogue converters.
A Cybernetic link is possible.
A device must be made to calibrate the patient's reactance speed, reactivity, and test 1,000's of items at biological speeds.
The device must be able to do energetic medicine such as Rife, Bicom Mora, bio-resonance, etc.
A Cybernetic link is established between the test and patient.
This allows for auto-focusing therapy and self-adjustment treatment for maximum results and efficiency.
Apart from 5 Patents in Energetic Medicine, there are several proprietary secrets known only to Professor Bill Nelson. 1. Subspace Link. 2. Body digital to computer digital link. 3. Cybernetic link of diagnosis to treatment auto focus bio-resonance. 4. Fractal analysis of Xrroid data. 5. Fourier analysis algorithms for bio-resonance data analysis. 6. Tri-vector system - to mention just a few.

Born and raised in Ohio (Warren, 19th June 1951), Bill Nelson was identified as a genius from an early age. As a young man, his interest in quantum physics and electronic engineering led to his work for General Motors and his contribution into the ‘Gyro’ navigation system on the Apollo space project.
He turned his genius to the field of medicine and health after the birth of his first-born son Daniel, retreated into the world of autism as result of an anti-nausea drug his wife took while pregnant.
Other reason was the death of one of his grand mothers as the result of chemotherapy. After devouring the information offered by the allopathic medical world and the synthetic drug industry, he turned to the world of alternative medicine. Using natural remedies, he was successful in reversing many of the symptoms of his son's autism.
During his research, he was intrigued by a number of bio-electric devices being used: the ‘Vega’ machine, the ‘Voll’, and the ‘Mora’ unit – as well as biofeedback and cranial electrical stimulation (CES) units. These units either measure the body's electrical response to help diagnose problems in the body or they emit frequencies to treat problems. He also studied the body's subtle energy systems – acupuncture meridians, chakra’s energy, applied kinesiology or muscle testing, etc. The body's subtle energy system is an early warning system. Imbalances in the body's subtle energies show up much earlier than disease symptoms. Bill Nelson decided to apply his genius to design an all-inclusive system – a computerized system that would both test and balance the body at the subtle energy level. The ‘Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface’ – QXCI was born.
In developing his system, Bill Nelson has integrated the sciences of mathematics, quantum physics, electronics, naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, energetic medicine and computer programming. He has also incorporated his knowledge of metaphysical subjects to bring a unique synergistic perspective to natural healing. He has studied psychology, homeopathy, naturopathy, science, business, computer science and international law. He has also mastered the difficulties of creating the software to integrate the many healing modalities he has programmed into the QXCI/SCIO system. His unique knowledge of subjects such as fractal dynamics, subspace theory, a tri-vector system and others, has made this energetic feedback system possible.
The QXCI/SCIO gathers bio-energetic data from the body via fifty five channels simultaneously. The information is prioritized to help the natural health practitioner zero-in on the body's current specific needs. The program offers information specific to subtle energies – emotional and mental stresses, nutritional needs, food sensitivities, digestive and cleansing needs, etc. In the hands of a trained health practitioner, the imbalances in the subtle energy field are tracked to determine the most probable sources of ill health. In addition the QXCI has the capability to apply approximately 50 different corrective energies to help the body establish energetic balance for health and well-being. The health practitioner is also able to determine the lifestyle changes and remedies that will best help as a next step in a plan for better health.
Rather than to deal with the politics of health in the US and the FDA, Bill Nelson moved to Budapest in 1993. He has lectured I schools in the USA, England and Hungary on homeopathy as a science and healing modality. At present, in addition to lecturing in countries all over the World and regularly updating his computerized stress reduction system, Bill Nelson has set up ‘New Vistas of Hungary’, a small hand-made homeopathic products company. He has also started his own movie production company ‘Change the World’, with the purpose of bringing awareness to the general public about the politics of health, the many economic interests hidden within the synthetic drug industry, as well as others aspects of the industry of health.

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